Top 10 Best Baby Massage Oil in India

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Touch is the primary communication received by new born. The touch, comfort and bonding of love of mother received by new born. We all know that baby massage is very important in initial first year.

Baby massage have many benefits like better sleep, strengthen bones and muscles, and improves blood circulation, relief from gas and constipation, improves skin tone and provides essential nourishment. Choose the baby oil which suits your baby’s skin. Consult with pediatrician before choosing oil.

When is the best time to massage your baby? 

You can massage your baby in the morning before a bath. Before massaging make sure that your baby is in happy mood and is well fed but don’t immediately .There should be a minimum gap of 45 minutes after feeding. Massaging with oil slowly and rubbing with utmost care.

List of top 10 best baby massage oil in india

1       Himalaya baby massage oil :-

Himalaya massage oil helps in improve your baby’s growth and development .This oil is non sticky and light. It helps in moisturizing baby’s skin. I am also using this oil for my baby.


  • Oil contains power of herbs
  • Contains olive oil and vitamin E
  • Free from mineral oil and animal fat

2       Dabur lal tail :-

Dabur lal tail is ayurvedic baby massage oil made with ayurvedic ingredients like ratyanjot, camphor, shankhpushpi etc. It helps in relieve colic and other digestive problems and improves sleep.


– Enriched with ayurvedic ingredients

– Massaged with this oil improves 2 times faster growth and development.

3       Sebamed baby massage oil :-

Sebamed baby massage oil is suitable for delicate baby skin. It protects baby’s sensitive skin.


  • It improves skin tolerability because it contains vitamin F with soya oil compound.
  • It protects baby’s sensitive skin like dry skin, heat rashes and diaper rashes.

4       Mama earth soothing massage oil :-

Mama earth soothing oil is light and soft. It contains natural ingredients.


  • Made with natural ingredients like sesame, olive oil, sweet almond and jojoba oil.
  • Free from harmful chemicals like lipids, parabens, mineral oil and synthetic fragrance.

5       KLF Nirmal virgin baby coconut oil :-

KLF Nirmal virgin baby oil is light and fast absorbing. Safe to use in diaper rashes because coconut has natural cooling properties.


  • Completely natural baby oil as made from fresh coconuts
  • Clinically proven to help against diaper/nappy rashes.

6       The mom’s co natural massage oil :-

This oil is made up with organic ingredients like sesame, organic almonds avocado, organic jojoba and natural vitamin helps in nourishing and strengthen baby’s bones and muscles.


  • Made with USDA certified organic oils.
  • Mild and gentle for baby’s soft and sensitive skin.

7       Cetaphil baby massage oil :-

This oil is keep the natural moisture in baby’s skin and its natural ingredients protects the baby from external environment.


– Enriched with natural ingredients like Shea butter, sunflower seed oil and soybean oil and calendula.

-Safe for newborn baby skin.

8       Johnson’s baby oil with vitamin E :-

Johnson’s baby oil is enriched with vitamin E. So it mostly suited to baby’s delicate also prevents dryness in baby’s skin.


  • Johnson ‘s baby oil is enriched with vitamin E
  • Dermatologically tested for all allergies.
  • No salfates,no parabens no dyes ,have natural aroma.

9       Lotus herbal baby massage oil :-

This oil is mixed with botanical oils which made from plants, herbs and flowers which deeply moisturize baby’s skin. It is free from preservatives.


-No harmful chemical

– Very natural for baby’s skin

10     Mee mee baby oil :-

Mee mee oil includes fruit extracts which moisture baby’s skin for longer time and keeps her skin soft and hydrated,


  • Contains sunflower seed oil which keeps skin well hydrated
  • Promotes the physical growth and development of baby.
  • Provides natural nourishment to baby’s skin.

So, baby massage is best time for mother and baby to strengthen the bonding.

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