Second Trimester of Pregnancy Everything you Need to Know

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      What is second trimester?

              Second trimester starts from weeks 13 and lasts at the end of 27 weeks. Second trimester is easiest trimester of pregnancy according to many women. Because in second trimester problem of morning sickness and nausea start to reduce and you have your energy back. Now your appetite is also start to increase. You are felling and looking more pregnant during this weeks. Second trimester is also called honeymoon phase of your pregnancy. In second trimester your weight gain rapidly.


  • Bigger breasts
  • Skin changes
  • Leg cramps
  • Swelling in hands and Ankles of legs
  • Loose teeth
  • Heart burn
  • Felling the baby move
  • Stretch marks on the stomach


          Second trimester is a time of rapid growth of your baby. In second trimester organs are fully developed. You will also likely feel baby movement after 19 weeks. In second trimester baby’s head has hair. Your voice can be heard by the baby in the womb. Eyebrows and eyelashes appear, and teeth develop. By the end of second trimester baby’s legs lengthen that’s why it develops a walking cycle that you feel.


  • Eat healthy
  • Do some gentle exercise
  • Start doing kegel exercise
  • Moisturizer your belly
  • Plan for your baby moon
  • Invest in maternity cloths
  • Bond with your bump
  • Start sleeping on your side
  • Take maternity photo shoot

1       Eat healthy :-

Eating healthy is very important during pregnancy. It is very important for your baby development. Healthy diet includes protein, calcium, iron, folic acid and vitamins.

Protein – cereals, pules and whole grains

Calcium – milk, milk products, yogurt, butter

Iron – green leafy vegetables, dry fruits

Folic Acid & Vitamins – broccoli, orange, pomegranate, tomato

So eating healthy is important during second trimester as well as in your whole pregnancy.

2       Do some gentle exercise :-

Gentle exercise on regular basis to prevent back pain, build stamina and helps you to get prepared for the physical changes of labor and delivery. 15 to 20 minutes daily walking and yoga during second trimester help you stretch muscles, reduce pregnancy pains and decrease blood pressure.

3       Start doing kegel exercise :-

Kegel exercises help strengthen the muscles and ligaments support in your pregnancy.

How to do kegel exercise?

Sit down on the floor, begin counting 1 to 10 by tightening muscles in your bottom, then continue tightening muscles higher and higher in your pelvis by reach 10, now count backward, 10 to 1 slowly releasing the muscles. Do this for 5 times at time 3 times a day.

4       Moisturizer your belly :-

Due to rapid growth of baby and weight gain during second trimester stretch mark are now starting to develop. Mostly stretch mark occurs mainly in your belly and sometimes in your other parts of body like lower back, hips and breast. You can moisturizer your belly with moisturizer cream or some bio oil.

      Moisturizer helps maintain skin elasticity and smoothing your skin. It helps in reduce skin tears and lesions and enhances healing.

5       Plan for your baby moon :-

It is a best time to plan your baby moon during second trimester. Plan for a small trip with your husband as this is the last holiday as just couple before you will become parents.

6       Invest in maternity cloths :-

Due to rapid growth in increase in weight in second trimester. You have to buy some maternity cloths that looking and feeling best and comfortable during pregnancy. Stretchable material cloths like yoga pants, leggings, causal shirt, lose tops and cotton dresses are good for you.

      I used to wear some maternity cloths in my second trimester to till the end of my pregnancy.

7       Bond with your bump :-

Your baby can hear sounds outside of your womb from second trimester of your pregnancy. Talking and signing to your baby, ones you know he / she can hear you than you feel lovely. You may feel conscious in starting but afterwards you will used to it and enjoy having chats with your baby. I used to play piano and sing a song for my baby.

8       Start sleeping on your side :-

As your bump grows it puts pressure on major blood vessel when you sleep on your back. This can reduce flow of blood and oxygen to your baby. So sleep on your side and left side is more preferable to you and for your baby for oxygen and reaching the blood flow to your baby in the womb use pregnancy pillow to make yourself comfortable.

9       Take maternity photo shoot :-

The end of the second trimester is perfect time for maternity photo shoot. Because your belly will have a nice round shape during this time. It is perfect time for taking photographs a maternity photo shoot is way you can hold onto memories before the birth of child.

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