Indian Baby Shower – Awesome Ideas for Shrimant

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When is Shrimant done?

          Shrimant function which is celebrated during the third trimester of pregnancy to give blessings to the baby and mom – to- be for good health.

          Baby shower is tradition that is celebrated in almost all parts of India which means to “filling the lap with abundance” of the expectant lady. Each region in India has its own significant way to celebrate. Different regions have different names or the baby shower ceremony too.

          It’s called Shrimant in Gujarat, Godh Bhari in North region, Dohale Jevan in Maharashtra, Seemandham in Kerala, Shaad in Bengal and Valaikappu in South region.

          Since I belong to Guajarati family I am going to share how this tradition is celebrated in Guajarati families.

          This function is generally a women’s only gathering but the brother in law (dever) is allowed to attend the ceremony. The mom to be was gifted a special outfit by her mom like saree, chaniya choli, or anarkali dress or gown which she would wear on the day of baby shower, her family would make jewellary of flowers.

          Filling the lap :-

                   This is the main part of the ceremony. The mom – to – be supposed to exchange whole coconut with water i.e. nadiyar, rice, which symbolizes the prosperity, abundance and health. Other few things like lagan pado, moong, betel nuts, and silver coin with her sister in law (nanad) or a family member (who has not had miscarriage). They exchange this for seven times the sister in law ties rakhi to the mom to be and it is not removed until the women has her final delivery. Then after rakhi tied on cradle of baby. The brother in law apply kum kum on mom to be face it is tradition. The function have puja, mataji na lota and havan also.

                    Cash envelopes, traditional gifts, pretty outfits are some gifts for baby shower for an expecting mother, after ritual is completed. Giving gifts to unborn baby is not advisable as per Indian tradition.

          Tips for mom to be on Shrimant :-

This day is very special for every women but the function is going to be long and tiring day. So, following are some tips to have a relaxing way for mom –to- be.

          Wear a comfortable outfit :-

                   Wear traditional dress like saree, chaniya choli, or anarkali gown but keep in mind that it should not be heavy or bothersome for you to carry.

          Control your diet :-

                   Every function includes verities of foods like spicy and fired food and sweets as per occasion but eat small healthy quality food as per diet. Control on your cravings.

          Take rest and sleep well :-

                   Take rest and proper sleep day before the ceremony so you may feel more fresh and energetic to enjoy your function.

          Drink plenty of water :-

                   Drinking plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated.


  • Theme and decoration
  • Games
  • Fun and entertainment
  • Food
  • Return gifts

1       Theme and decoration :-

You can choose a different theme like ribbon theme, pink and blue theme, balloon theme, twinkle twinkle little star theme and many other theme to decorate the hall or venue for a gorgeous look. You can also decorate the stage by placing child hood pictures of the expectant parents all over the walls. They will be over whelmed.

2       Games :-

To make the function fun and exciting you can indulge guest with some game to keep them entertained. Some games are blindfold game by using baby items like toys, bottles and cloths guess the items which are on the floor, guess gender of the baby, guess the delivery date of the baby, suggest cute names for the baby, passing the parcel and musical chair are some good and entertaining games.

3       Fun and entertainment :-

For fun and entertainment you can play some music tracks on which dancing lovers can dance. You can hire mehndi artist or nail art artist to make design for the guest. You can create a selfi point at baby shower in which anyone can take photos with pregnant lady for memory.

4       Food :-

Our Guajarati are food loving people. So in baby shower the staring from welcome drink, starters, chaats, main course and deserts are included in the meal. So everyone can enjoy the food. Some people also cutting the cake in ceremony.

5       Return gifts :-

For memory, it is nice gesture to give a return gift to all your guests. Chocolates packets, cosmetic products, fancy bangles, small crockery items, Ganesha murti or frame are some good return gifts for baby shower.

          Here I can share my experience and ideas with you all. Have you ever been arrange baby shower? What did you do in ceremony? Share your experience with us in comment box below.

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