Healthy Diet Chart For Pregnant Women

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Following healthy diet chart during pregnancy is very important. Healthy eating is very useful for you and your baby development and growth, because it provides essential nutrients to baby in the womb.

The healthy diet includes various vegetables, fruits, whole grains, dry fruits, beans, juices and milk. Eating healthy diet is useful for good fetal development and a healthy birth weight.

The following diet chart is designed to provide all the essential nutrients and proteins for you and your baby.

  • Early Morning – pre breakfast snack :-

A glass of low fat milk, almond milk, fruit juice, tomato juice and lemon water.(Follow this different food day by day in a week)

  • Breakfast mid-morning :-

One Aloo paratha with curd, two pieces of dhokla, two vegetable cutlet or vegetable muthiya, vegetable upma, vegetable poha, vegetable khandvi, vegetable sandwich, cheese toast, bowel of fruits and wheat toast with butter. (Follow this different food day by day in a week)

  • Lunch :-

Two chapatis with aloo(potato) matar sabji, tur dal, rice, carrot tomato salad and bowel of curd. Chapati with undhiyu (mix vegetable sabji), onion cucumber raita and mix veg. biryani. Paratha with peener sabji, sprouted beans salad, jeera rice and salad. Chapati with spinach sabji and tomato corn salad and curry khichdi. (Follow this different food day by day in a week)

  • Evening Snacks :-

One seasonal fruit, boiled chickpea salad, one bowel of dried dates, vegetable uttapam, carrot halwa, idli and vegetable daliya. (Follow this different food day by day in a week)

  • Dinner :-

Two chapati with beans, tomato ,cabbage and capsicum sabji, one glass of butter milk, two chapati with mix dal, curd and beat root salad, one paratha with vegetable curry, khichdi and bowel of curd, paratha with spinach sabji with bowel of curd and mix veg raita. (Follow this different food day by day in a week)

  • At the time of bed :-

One glass of warm milk with dry fruit of your choice.

I am pure Gujarati vegetarian so, this chart is according to my pregnancy schedule which I followed during my pregnancy time. Hope its helps.

Following above chart helps you to keep healthy during your pregnancy so enjoy healthy and safe pregnancy.

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