Do’s and Don’ts During First Trimester Of Pregnancy

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                After couple months of trying to conceive and innumerable doctor’s visits, when I saw two pink line on the home pregnancy kit I cannot explain the feeling in words that I felt. Being a mother is greatest gift for every women. First three months or first trimester is an extremely importance phase of pregnancy so that requires to take utmost care of yourself and your baby. I can give some tips out of my own experience and share with you all hope it helps.


                When an egg is fertilizes by a sperm and conception occurs. Women’s body passes through various changes because hormones rise quickly during the first few weeks of pregnancy. The first trimester of pregnancy brings physical and emotional changes.

The changes in women’s body are :

  • Tiredness
  • Changes in mood
  • Morning sickness
  • Breast tenderness
  • Headaches
  • Lack of appetite
  • Constipation

In First Trimester baby’s brain ,organs, limbs, bones, muscles and sex organs would have been formed completely. During the first trimester babies grow quickly. So, first trimester of pregnancy is very crucial for baby development.


1       Regular checkup with Doctor :-

Choosing a right doctor is very important for your pregnancy. In your first appointment with doctor, he/she checkups your blood pressure, pulse rate and temperature, measure  your height and weight touch and push likely on your stomach to check your baby health and gives you folic acid and multivitamin tablet. Choosing a doctor with whom you are comfortable and share every thoughts and queries throughout your pregnancy.   ,

2       Follow Healthy Diet :-

Eat all green leafy vegetable whole grains and fresh fruits except Papaya and Pineapple and Dry fruits like Almonds and Walnuts. So, pregnant women must follow healthy food chart.

– Broccoli, spinach and all green leafy vegetables etc. are include fiber, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin K, iron and potassium.

3       Stay hydrated :-

Drink plenty of water and liquids when you are thirsty .Drink at least 8 to 10 glass of water during the day. drinking healthy drinks like fresh fruit juice, lemon water, coconut water and soup is very much helpful during your pregnancy.

4       Calcium :-

In pregnancy try to get at least 1000 mg calcium every day. You can get calcium from milk, cheese and yogurt. These are some of the best sources of calcium.

5       Take Folic Acid and Iron rich food :-

Taking foods like Beans, Rice, Orange, Dark Green Leafy vegetables, Pasta, Dry fruits, broccoli etc. are very useful because these helps the baby to develop spine and nerve cells.

6       Eat frequent small meals :-

Eating small meals throughout the day is very beneficial during pregnancy. Frequent small meals is healthy and keeps your metabolism active and controls blood sugar. Frequently eating small meal keeps your body running smoothly. Baby needs to be fed constantly so for every 2 or 3 hours.

7       Regular Exercise :-

Gentle exercise on regular routine to prevent back pain, build stamina and helps you to get prepared for the physical changes of labor and delivery .You can do yoga or light walking.

8       Prayer :-

Prayer is direct communication to god. You can do Prayer during first day of your pregnancy to god for thanking him for the baby and pray for child with good health and with love. I used to listen garbha raksha ambika stotram for my child every day.

9       Get enough sleep :-

During pregnancy enough sleep is very important. Body needs is sleep and to take rest and when you are sleeping make sure that you are sleeping on your left side because it helps the baby in reaching the blood flow and nutrients more easily. Sleep at least 8 to 10 hours. Sleeping pillow is very useful during my pregnancy.

10     Reading :-

Reading books like mythological books, religious books, pregnancy books are very useful because it gives you faith and knowledge because whatever goes inside you as knowledge is shared with your child.

11     Listen to good music :-

Music is the magic for human body. Listen to good music which is easily available, which makes you stress free and relax. I used to play piano during my pregnancy.

12     Meditation :-

During pregnancy women’s body passes through many hormonal changes. Meditation during pregnancy helps in reduce in stress, reduce anxiety and depression.  You can do meditation with the meditation music also. Meditation helps you to stay positive during your pregnancy.


1       Don’t eat spicy and junk food :-

Spicy and junk food are high in sugar, acid and fat. It leads to risk of obesity, gestational diabetes and heartburn during pregnancy. It also affects the baby’s health. Eating junk food during pregnancy leads to have children with mental disorders. It also increase the risk of miscarriage.

2       Don’t smoke and don’t drink alcohol :-

Cigarettes contain dangerous chemicals including nicotine and carbon monoxide. It leads to complications during pregnancy. Smoking during pregnancy leads to premature birth, lower birth weight and the reduce baby development. Also avoid the passive smoking.

What we eat and drink during pregnancy reaches to our baby’s body.  The first three months of pregnancy is most crucial because this is the most important time for baby’s major organs development so stop drink alcohol throughout your pregnancy.

3       Avoid Medication unless it is necessary :-

Avoid the medicine because if taken it crosses the placenta and enter the blood stream of your baby. If necessary then take the medicine which is prescribe by the doctor.

4       Don’t eat unpasteurized milk and soft cheese :-

Don’t eat unpasteurized milk and soft cheese because this includes the harmful bacteria so it affects the baby.

5       Don’t lift any heavy objects and avoid bending :-

During first trimester it is very important to take care of yourself, lifting heavy objects increased risk of miscarriage and premature labor and sometime due to this it leads to bed rest. Avoid bending because of changes in the body size and posture.  Sometimes change in position leads to pain.

6       Don’t eat raw egg and under cooked meat :-

If you are non-vegetarian don’t eat raw or under cooked eggs because of the risk of salmonella (dangerous bacteria) may leads to intrauterine infections and increase the chances of miscarriage.

Eating under cooked meat causes various problems like abdominal issues, diarrhea and fever during pregnancy. So don’t eat.

7       Don’t drink too much caffeine :-

During pregnancy control the amount of drinking caffeine. Women should limit caffeine intake to less than 200mg per day. High level of caffeine results in low baby weight and health problems in later life of baby.

8       Avoid aggressive exercises :-

Exercises such as skiing, horseback riding, climbing stairs frequently are risky in first trimester. So avoid these.

9       Avoid traveling during first trimester :-

During first twelve weeks of pregnancy there is problem of nausea and vomiting to many women so they feel very tired during first three months. The risk of miscarriage is also high in first three months. As there are no identified complication or concerns with your pregnancy then it is generally safe to travel but avoid long journey during first trimester.

10     Don’t stress :-

Stress experienced by women during first trimester of pregnancy affect her unborn baby in womb. Stress affect baby’s temperament and neurobehavioral development. Stress during pregnancy cause increase the chances of having premature baby or low birth weight baby. So don’t stress during pregnancy.  

11     Don’t get into over heat bath during pregnancy :-

Women should be aware of the temperature of their bath water. Especially during the first trimester of pregnancy. If the water is too hot, it could reduce blood flow to the baby and it harms the baby development in womb.

          During first trimester you will go through many hormonal and emotional changes, but always be happy and stay positive. This will help you and your baby to become more healthy and happy.

          Hope above information is helpful to you but remember all pregnancy cases are different. It is advised to consult your doctor before doing anything. So enjoy your pregnancy. It is very precious time for every women.

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