8 Ways to Manage Anxiety During Pregnancy

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Feeling anxious while pregnant is completely normal because pregnancy is an emotional time, an anxiety is a natural feeling that some of pregnant women experience. It’s natural to worry about whether your baby is healthy or not, the changes in hormone levels also affect your emotions during pregnancy. If you are experiencing an anxiety, it can be try to first learn how to manage an anxiety.

There is a difference between normal worries and more serious anxiety during pregnancy. If you can’t do your day to day activities and feeling more anxious for long time than it is important to speak with your doctor and ask for help. Mostly anxiety occurs during Second Trimester.


Some symptoms of anxiety include

  • Feeling nervous and anxious
  • Worrying about health of your baby
  • Difficulty in sleeping
  • Lack of contraction
  • Irritability
  • Forgetfulness

Normal cases of anxiety during pregnancy don’t required specific treatment. Following are some of the ways to manage anxiety naturally.

1       Talk to someone :-

If you are feeling anxious during your pregnancy, it is important share your feeling with your partner, family or close friend about your issue and ask for support, talk to your doctor regarding your problem because doctor refers a trained therapist who helps in your problem.

2       Increasing water intake :-

Water have natural cooling properties. Dehydration has also been linked to rise in certain level of hormones that increase stress. so it is advisable to drink water which reducing intensity of anxiety.

3       Exercise :-

Gentle exercise like walking and yoga helpful in managing stress. Engaging in physical activities help to lower stress and anxiety. If your pregnancy is uncomplicated then it is healthier for you to exercise while pregnant.

4       Follow Healthy Diet :-

Eating all green leafy vegetable, whole grains and fresh fruits except Papaya and Pineapple and Dry fruits like Almonds and Walnuts etc.  remains a good recommendation for those who suffer with anxiety. So eat well during pregnancy to manage anxiety.

5       Prayer :-

Prayer is direct communication to god. Daily prayer and faith in god gives mental peace. The ability for prayer to relive our anxiety only when we are fully trust in god. The power in prayer has change any situation. When you feeling anxious then keep faith in god and do prayer.

6       Meditation :-

During pregnancy women’s body passes through many hormonal changes. Meditation during pregnancy helps in reducing stress and anxiety.  You can do meditation with the meditation music also. Meditation helps you to stay positive during your pregnancy.

7       Take rest and sleep well  :-

Felling rested and sleeping well has a significant effect on mental health so by getting enough sleep you can decrease your anxiety symptoms.

8       Listen to good music :-

Music is the magic for human body. Listing to music can be effective for reducing the anxiety. Slow and classical music can have tremendous effect on our physiological functions. It reduce the levels of our stress of hormones.

So, as per my experience I share some remedies which helpful in managing anxiety during pregnancy. Because during my second trimester I suffering an anxiety for few days then above remedies worked well for me. So, hope it helps to you all.

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Amy A. Vincent · January 12, 2021 at 7:36 pm

Very well written. Pregnant women will find this guide so helpful.

Marie · January 13, 2021 at 4:35 am

These are great tips and so important to remember to implement! Thank you for sharing!

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