11 Tips for New Born Baby Care

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Bringing new born, bundle of joy to home is very exciting as well as little beat confusing for every new mom. Taking care of new born is very challenging task for new mom. New mom has many questions in her mind regarding, feeding, burping, caring, diapering, massaging, bathing, and many more.

          So following are baby care tips on how to take care of your new born.

  • Feeding
  • How to hold your new born baby
  • Burping
  • Diapering
  • Massaging
  • Sleeping
  • Personnel hygiene
  • Bathing
  • Baby hygiene care
  • Never shake your baby
  • Clothing

1       Feeding :

Feeding is very important for baby’s growth and development. You need to nurse your newborn for every 2 to 3 hours for 15 minutes on each breast side. Keep the nipples towards baby’s upper lips and keep fingers away from nipples. Support baby’s head with hand and feeding pillow. Always sit straight while feeding and take back support .Start breastfeeding at hospital because hospital resources are trained for such things. Also ask the doctor for feeding supplement tablets if necessary to increase the breastmilk supply.

2       How to hold your new born baby :

Supporting baby’s head and neck with your one hand and place other hand at bottom Raise baby to your shoulder and support baby’s head always. Be careful always when hold your new born baby.

3       Burping :

Burping is very important after every feed. Because during feeding baby swallow air in her stomach which causes gas, burping let out excess air and helps in digestion. Hold the baby against your shoulder and raise the baby her chin touches your shoulder, pet her back slowly until baby burps.

4       Diapering :

Diapers are safe to use because they are specially made for new born, but keep in mind that you must change it after 2-3 hours. Keeping a child longer than this in a used diaper can cause rashes and infection. Some babies have more sensitive skin then others. In that case use cloth diapers because they are suits baby’s skin. It is also important to give the baby some diaper free time in a day. Dry your baby’s private areas properly while changing diapers.      

5       Massaging :

Touch is the primary communication received by new born. You can start massaging after 2-3 weeks of birth. Baby massage have many benefits like better sleep, strengthen bones and muscles, improves blood circulation, relief from gas and constipation, improves skin tone, provides essential nourishment, bonding with mother. You can massage your baby in the morning before a bath. Before massaging make sure that your baby is in a happy mood and is well fed but don’t massage immediately. There should be a minimum gap of at least 45 minutes after feeding. Massaging with oil slowly and rubbing with utmost care.

6       Sleeping :

Newborn sleep about 14-17 hours per day in initial 3 months. Around 7-8 hours in a day and 7-8 hours in night. Newborn wake around few hours to eat. some things you could try to help your baby fall asleep are trying swaddling her, Switch off the lights and darkening the room helps. You can use a cradle or swing especially for babies. Feed properly before sleep and you can lightly massage baby before bedtime. You have to maintain consistent sleep routine for baby.

7       Personnel hygiene :

A new mom’s need to special care of their personal hygiene for their baby health care. Make sure wash your hands with hand wash before taking a baby.

Wash your hands before and after changing diaper of your baby, after every meal, any after touching any chemical. Wear clean cloths. All these measures will help you to keep your baby away from sicknesses like flu, stomach infections, bacterial infections, cold etc.   

8       Bathing :   

After the newborn birth when you are back in your home, all you need to do is to give sponge bath to baby for 1-2 initial week until the umbilical stump heals. After you can give the baby her first bath. While bathing you have to keep in mind few things. Gently hold of your baby’s neck and head throughout bath time of your Little one, use bath tub, and keep necessary items handy like cloths, towel, nappy, lotion etc.

 9      Baby hygiene care :

Baby’s personal hygiene is very challenging task. Because baby’s skin is very sensitive that’s why we must be careful while cleaning baby’s eyes, ears, nose and tongue.

Eyes :         soak fresh cotton ball in warm water and use them to clean baby’s face around eyes, to clean baby’s eyes wipe from one corner to the other for each eye.

Ears :           wipe behind each ear with wet cotton cloth and around the outside of each ear, never use ear buds.

Nose:         use warm plain water to clean baby’s nose. Use the corner of wet cotton cloth to wipe your baby’s nostrils gently. Do not put anything inside your baby’s nostrils

Tongue :    Clean your baby’s tongue with wet cotton cloth and you can also clean baby’s tongue by applying honey on cloth and then after with this cloth you can clean.

Nails :         Newborn have sharp nails. Baby screeches her own cheeks and face by nails and also screeches mother’s breast while feeding .So, trim baby’s nails when baby is sleeping. Push your thumb under baby nail and trim them immediately.     

10     Never shake your baby :

Never shake new born baby because it harms the brain and causes internal injuries. New born baby’s body is very sensitive that’s why we must have taken care to handle a new born. Always support head with one hand and second at the bottom of the baby.

11     Clothing :

Choose the baby dresses that are easy and comfortable for baby to wear. Do not cover baby in many layers because it causes overheating. Dress the baby according to weather. Use cotton cloths. Wash the cloths in baby detergent powder.

So, I shared the tips as per my experience. Hope it helps.

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Vandana raja · December 14, 2020 at 3:07 am

Wonderful content. Know much about baby care 👌👌

Raj ladani · December 20, 2020 at 10:03 am

Amazing and very helpful post..
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Anita · December 20, 2020 at 11:19 pm

I have two daughters. The first baby there is a lot to learn. Babies are more durable than we think.

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